Stream of consciousness on gravity

Prediction is a memory of a memory. Just thinking about the way we handle predictions of the future. I think they arrive from a simultaneity of many actors all producing the same mental image caused by the capability of the physical body which produces the mind. Gravity is not a cause it is an effect of stillness. It is an inertia of particles surrounded by an accelerating expansion. Distance is discovery. Distance surrounds the interconnected network of a body. The edge of the universe surrounds us. We continually move in to the universe. So if the planets are held together by the stillness which we recognise as gravity post hoc, we apply the rules of gravity prior to with our observation. So what observation is being applied to sense this stillness? Why when we attend with our tension do we perceive planets in the mass of information in the universe? Well we know that gravity works with or without conscious observeration. For example something could fall from the sky and hit me on the head with or without someone being there to observe it. So even when hidden the stillness exists and extends in to private observation and from there in to the public discourse. So something is observing the stillness in the universe for it to be still in relation to a change. I think that is the future remembering the past. We are being remembered as well as becoming the remembering. We are gods of teh past, we bring the past to life. Depending on the proximty to the past, a distance in time, will depend on the effect we have on it. It’s like the memory of a memory idea with predictions. The future becomes the future as the memory distances itself from the past. As the memory of the memory loses its faithfulness to its origin/ethnos it becomes recognised as a future possibility because of its ghostly quality. It becomes probable as we become attached to it as a future possibility. Not only does it remind us of a spirit with its transience the future images in the mind are hard to slow down, they lack gravitas or stillness of the physical matter of the world around us.